Hi I’m Tara Quinonez:

Canadian currently living in New Jersey

Lived all over the world including, Canada, US (Florida, Texas and now NJ), South Africa, Denmark

Married my high school sweetheart

Love pizza

Adore New York City

Love the smell of new tires

Traveled to 15 countries

Love animals

Listen to Christmas music all year long

I want to hug every dog I see

Love movies

Love photography

Have 3 awesome sisters

Who is Oscar George?

Oscar is the name of our 8-year-old Mini Dachshund and George is the name of our 5-year-old Yorkie.

I never grew up with animals, with the exception of a few gold fish and a rabbit. When being around dogs or cats I always felt nervous because I didn’t know what they were thinking. For my 25th birthday my husband got me a 12-week-old Yorkie puppy and I fell in love! I never knew what love and companionship a dog could bring. I immediately became one of those crazy dog lovers that talks to their dogs in public and even occasionally dresses them in clothes. We named our Yorkie George, after George Steinbrenner (yes, we are Yankees fans). After a year we decided to get another dog as a companion for George. We adopted Oscar from a local shelter. He is so loving, and so well mannered. Adopting a shelter dog was such an eye opening experience for me. Oscar loves everyone he meets (including the vet). He actually once gave kisses to the vet when she gave him a shot. He loves to snuggle and sleeps all day. I love my dogs!