Reilly’s Senior Pictures

I cannot believe my youngest sister is graduating next year!! Even though she lives in Texas, we were all on vacation in Canada, and decided we would take Reilly’s Senior pictures! We had a lot of fun walking around downtown Peterborough. She’s a natural beauty! We ended with 99 edits we liked, but I will share 10 of my favorites with you! In addition to the photos, my husband Alex does amazing video work, and he captured our experience in this great video! (video featured at the bottom of this page)

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Photo shoot – The Little Things: Accessory Boutique

I’m super proud of my sister who is opening her own boutique on Etsy! She makes amazing wedding veils. I was honored when she asked me to take photo’s of some of her work. I’m proud to show them to you!

This first image features her boutique name. Click the image to find out more about her store:

Little Things Boutique copy





IMG_8981 copy






Winter Wonderland

Happy New Year! How is it 2014 already? We are enjoying our first snow of the new year. Here are a few photos from our winter wonderland in New Jersey today.






Becoming the dream

Becoming the dream.

What is the dream exactly? The photographer? What does that mean? Does that mean I have to fit in the box or the mold? Does that mean I have to do what everyone else is doing? Does it mean I have “made it” if I have a huge portfolio of engagement shoots and maternity sessions? It’s easy to diminish your dream when you find yourself not getting excited about doing what everyone else is doing. When it all comes down to it, it’s about the art and creativity. So if you find yourself discouraged because maybe you aren’t doing what everyone is doing, it’s ok. Just remember it’s about the passion. What’s your passion and why do you want to do it?

I find myself content and the most creative taking pictures of nature, skyscrapers and just going out for a walk with my camera. Every photographer has their own niche, and their own creative eye. It’s easy to force yourself to believe you aren’t “it” because you aren’t doing things a certain way. Don’t believe it! Be yourself, be who you want to be, be creative, follow your passion, be an individual. Creativity is not copying someone else, it’s being your own person and coming up with new things. Focus on what brilliant ideas are bouncing around in that imagination of yours instead of trying to do something someone else has already done. Nothing is more irritating than someone trying to be someone else and then taking someone else’s credit for it.

Perhaps you have a dream or there is something you love, but it looks a little different than how everyone else is doing it. Great! Go for it! And if the only person that it brings happiness to is you, that’s ok. Chances are, when you are doing something you are passionate about and something you really love, you will bring greatness to so many others.

Your dream is never too small.


Exciting News!

Today we just launched our online store! You can now purchase some of our featured prints to have in your own home or office. Currently we have 6 featured photos in 3 available sizes to order. We will continue to add and change the photos in our store. A nice feature for you is, the price listed includes shipping! We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

For specific requests you can always email me at

Check out our new store by clicking here.

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