In case you didn’t already know….I love New York.

My first visit to NYC wasn’t until I was 18 years old. From my first steps out of the subway, looking up to that concrete jungle and breathing in that inspiration all around me, I was hooked. I can’t get enough of that beautiful city. There is just something so magical about it. So many different places to explore, so many different people. Millions of people, all different walks of life all sharing the same sidewalks and subways seats. The city so many dream of, the iconic mark of “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere” as Frank Sinatra put it. A city filled with so much inspiration and so many dreamers, I’m captivated and inspired walking shoulder to shoulder with all the people that said, I’m gonna go for it and took the leap to try to “make it” in the Big Apple.

My husband was born in New York and lived there during the early part of his life. A lot of his roots are still there, and we have visited dozens of  times over the last decade. Our dream was to one day live in the NYC area. Finally, it has come true! We recently moved to the Northeast from Dallas, TX and we are currently  living along the Jersey Shore about 1.5 hrs south of NYC. It’s a dream come true. We visit often, and sometimes just wake up and say, I feel like going to the City today, so we go. Even though I’ve been dozens of times, that skyline still takes my breath away every time I see her on the horizon.

So as we embark on this new adventure and new this new location, my dreams have come to life and the possibilities are endless. A fresh start, new vision, and a new chapter. This new website represents new things ahead. My love for photography continues to grow and I’m so excited to see where it takes me.


Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

New and improved

Welcome to the new Oscar George Photography site. I’m so proud of it, and I hope you enjoy the photo’s I’ve enjoyed capturing.

I’ve always had a love for photography, and a few years ago I started a website to feature some of my work. In the past few years I’ve worked on my skills learning how to better use my camera. For a while I worked as an assistant to a very talented Photographer in Dallas ( Stacie Tatum ). She taught me so much and really helped me to feel more confident with my camera.

My husband and I recently moved from Dallas, TX to New Jersey and are loving this new adventure. Now that we are in this new place I knew the time was right to relaunch my photography and I’m excited to see what’s ahead.  You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check back with us from time to time to keep updated. There will be lots of new things coming, so be sure to stay updated with us.

Thanks for checking out Oscar George Photography.

Also, I must say thanks to my genius husband for all his hard work on my site, logo, and all his help putting this together. He creates amazing graphics and websites, you can check more of his work at www.alexanderquinonez.com or www.J16media.com.


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